AquaClear Hydrocellular Gel Dressing

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From: $12.95

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2" x 3" Non-Adhesive Dressing Box of 5 - $12.95
4" x 4" Non-Adhesive Dressing Box of 5 - $16.25
3" x 4" Adhesive Dressing Box of 5 - $19.95
5" x 5" Adhesive Dressing Box of 5 - $25.45

Product Description

AquaClear Hydrocellular Gel Dressing from is an absorbent polyurethane polymer dressing, with a semi-permeable polyurethane film layer to prevent water and contamination. The AquaClear dressing has a water content of 60% and maintains a moist wound environment to promote the formation of new tissue granulation tissue, which is protected from drying out.  Also helps prevent wound exudate accumulation during prolonged application.


AquaClear Hydrocellular Gel Dressing Features:

  • Latex-free, sterile, individually sealed.
  • Maintains a moist environment for treating chronic wounds.
  • Does not stick to wounds and may be changed without damaging the area.
  • Dressing transparency and Measuring Grid allow the wound to be monitored without removal.
  • Can be removed from the wound in one piece without residue
  • The waterproof surface and AquaClear adhesive film border prevent accidental removal and bacterial penetration.
  • Retention tapes such as Omnifix or a Flexicon conforming bandage can provide additional dressing stability.
  • Especially suitable for treating chronic, slow-healing wounds such as ulcers, second-degree burns, skin tears and skin graft donor sites.



Part numbers:  900795, 900796, 900797, 900798

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