Allevyn Hydrocellular Adhesive Wound Dressing

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From: $5.75

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3" x 3" Each - $5.75
3” x 3” Box of 10 - $46.75
5" x 5" Each - $8.25
5” x 5” Box of 10 -$72.95
7" x 7" Each - $15.75
7” x 7” Box of 10 - $146.25
9" x 9" Box of 10 - $243.25

Product Description

Allevyn Hydrocellular Adhesive Wound Dressing from is built with a three-layer structure made up from a perforated polyurethane wound contact layer, an absorbent hydrocellular core, and an outer film layer which is both bacteria-proof and water-proof.  The breathable outer layer allows a moist wound healing environment to form and the dressings can stay in place for up to seven days.  The product is soft and conformable and can be cut to suit wound requirements.  A non-irritating adhesive secures the dressing to intact skin, but does not adhere to wounds.


Smith & Nephew Allevyn Hydrocellular Adhesive Wound Dressing Features:

  • Unique trilaminate structure.
  • Made from a gently adherent wound contact layer, absorbent hydrocellular layer, and a waterproof and bacteria proof outer film layer.
  • Does not adhere to wounds or leave debris in the wound.
  • Exudate absorption is visible through the top film layer.
  • Available in multiple sizes and can be cut to required shape.



Part numbers: 66020043, 66020044, 66020045, 66000046

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