Algicell Ag Calcium Alginate Silver Wound Dressing

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From: $3.95

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2" x 2" Each Dressing - $3.95
2” x 2” Box of 10 - $35.25
4" x 5" Each Dressing - $8.45
4” x 5” Box of 10 - $74.95
4" x 8" Each Dressing - $20.95
4” x 8” Box of 5 - $98.25
8" x 12" Each Dressing - $47.45

Product Description

Algicell Ag Calcium Alginate Silver Wound Dressing from contains 1.4 percent silver providing controlled and sustained release of antimicrobial silver over a seven day period, which creates an effective barrier to pathogens.  The Algicell Ag dressing is designed specifically to absorb a large amount of exudate, while also gelling for comfortable removal from wounds.  The product maintains physical integrity throughout use, allowing for easier removal and cleanup during dressing changes.


Algicell Ag Calcium Alginate Silver Wound Dressing Features:

  • Fast-acting bactericide, with kill rates of 99.99% and greater.
  • Provides an effective barrier to bacterial penetration of the wound and colonization of the dressing.
  • Made with a blend of mannuronic (high gelling) and guluronic (high wet-strength) alginic acids, is designed to gel well while keeping its physical integrity for intact removal.
  • High exudate absorption capacity helps reduce the risk of tissue maceration and allows for increased time between dressing changes.
  • Leaves no silver coated nylon thread residue in the wound upon removal of the dressing
  • Sterile and contains no latex.



Part numbers:   61 88522, 61-88544, 61- 88545, 61- 88548, 61- 88582, 61-88512

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