Peha-Haft Latex Free Cohesive Bandages

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From: $2.45

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1” x 4.5 Yards, Box of 8 - $11.95
3” x 4.5 Yards, Each - $2.45
3” x 4.5 Yards, Case of 120 - $118.95
4” x 4.5 Yards, Each - $2.45
4” x 4.5 Yards, Case of 135 - $237.95

Product Description

Peha-Haft Latex Free Cohesive Bandages from are absorbent and highly conforming gauze bandages that adhere securely without pins, clips or tape.  The self-adhesive dressing is constructed of a blended weave of soft gauze and cohesive fibers in order to provide comfort and superior cohesiveness.  Conforms to difficult-to-bandage areas such as joints and is especially suited to applications requiring light and consistent compression. Can be comfortably applied for long periods with little risk of rolling or constricting.
Peha-Haft Latex Free Cohesive Bandage Features:

  • Offers a combination of light absorption, gentle support and conformability, even on difficult-to-dress areas.
  • Reduces the risk of sensitivity, especially on delicate or traumatized skin.
  • Does not adhere to skin or hair and secures without pins, clips or tape.
  • Requires less materials and fewer layers to remain secure.
  • Suitable as a first aid dressing.
  • Can be used to secure primary dressings, splints, I.V.s, leads and catheters or as a secondary dressing or retention bandage.
  • Contains no Latex, Chlorine or Acrylate.



Part numbers:  932452, 932441, 932443, 932444

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