ProSource No Carb

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From: $32.95

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Unflavored, 32oz Bottle - $32.95
Unflavored, 32oz Bottles, Case of 4 - $116.45
Orange Creme, 32oz Bottle - $32.95
Orange Creme, 32oz Bottles, Case of 4 -$116.45
Berry Punch, 32oz Bottle - $32.95
Berry Punch, 32oz Bottles, Case of 4 - $116.45
Unflavored, 30mL Packets, Case of 100 - $152.45

Product Description

Prosource No Carb from is a liquid protein nutritional supplement specially-formulated for patients or individuals who require a higher level of dietary management to treat protein deficiency.


ProSource No Carb Features:

  • Is an excellent source of high-quality complete protein (both indispensable and dispensable amino acids)
  • Ideal for patients who undergo a period of metabolic stress
  • Can be used either as a med pass or as a mixture to soft foods or beverages
  • Doesn’t require pre-mixing and can be used for open or closed tube feeding


Part numbers: 11525, 11525, 11545, 11545, 11535, 11535, 11476


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